Kirstine Haase

Kirstine Haase
Kirstine Haase

Kirstine Haase is a medieval archaeologist and achieved her Ph.D. degree in August 2019. The dissertation is entitled: An Urban Way of Life. Social Practices, networks and identities in Odense, 1000-1500 AD. It is mainly based on the excavations connected with the urban transformation project in Odense which took place within the city’s medieval centre from 2013 to 2015. Kirstine has also engaged with the ecclesiastical aspect of the city through her master’s thesis on St. Canute’s Abbey in Odense. Kirstine has published several articles about Odense in the Middle Ages and her research has revolved around the social aspects of urban life as well as the integration of scientific analysis methods in archaeology.

In 2021, Kirstine will be leading the research project Albani kirke I det tidlige Odense (The Church of St. Alban’s in early Odense), which will investigate the mutual influence between urbanisation and early Christianity in the formative years from c. AD 900 to 1200, using Odense as an example.

Research Publications

Brandt, L. Ø., Ebsen, J. A., & Haase, K. (2020). Leather Shoes in Early Danish Cities: Choices of Animal Resources and Specialization of Crafts in Viking and Medieval Denmark. European Journal of Archaeology, 1–23.

Haase, K & Whatley, S. (2020). “Consumption strategies and social implications in two Danish towns in the 13th–16th centuries”, Medieval Archaeology 64:1, 116-144.

Haase, K. (2019). An Urban Way of Life- Social Practices, networks and identities in Odense, 1000-1500 AD (upubl. PhD-afhandling).

Haase, K. (2019). Building urbanity: Spatial organisation as social practice in medieval Odense. Acta Archaeologica, 90(2), 43–76.

Brandt, L. Ø., Haase, K., & Collins, M. (2018). Species identification using ZooMS, with reference to the exploitation of animal resources in the medieval town of Odense. Danish Journal of Archaeology, 7(2), 139–153. (pdf)

Ebsen, J. A., Haase, K., Larsen, R., Sommer, D. V. P., & Brandt, L. (2019). Identifying archaeological leather? Discussing the potential of grain pattern analysis and zooarchaeology by mass spectrometry (ZooMS) through a case study involving medieval shoe parts from Denmark. Journal of Cultural Heritage, 39, 21–31. (pdf)

Haase, K. (2018). An urban way of life: How to approach the study of networks and practices in medieval Odense, Denmark. I R. Raja & S. Sindbæk (Red.), Urban Network Evolutions (s. 211–216). Aarhus Universitetsforlag.

Academic Publications

Hansen, J., Haase, K., & Brandt, L. Ø. (2019). Kamme og kammageri i middelalderens Odense: Nye resultater fra udgravningerne ved Thomas B. Thriges Gade. Fynske Minder, 2019, 18–29. (læs artikel)

Haase, K. (2017): Middelalderbyen Odense og dens netværk. I Leivas, I D & Larsson L K (red): Nya Lödösa – Staden under Gamlestaden. Med Utblickar i Europa. Arkeologiska Undersökningar i Gamlestaden 11, 42-48.

Haase, K. (2017): Hvad baggården gemte. I Runge, M & Hansen J. (red): Knuds Odense – Vikingernes By. Odense: Forlaget Odense Bys Museer, 156-163. (pdf)

Dahlstrøm, H. & Haase, K. (2015): Urbaniseringens Møder og Mennesker – introduktion til et forsknings- og formidlingsprojekt. Arkæologisk Forum nr. 33, 2015, 8-16. (pdf)


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