Museum Odense is a research museum. The research yields new knowledge about the area for which the museum is responsible. This happens via an important interaction between the communication/dissemination department and work with the archives in collections and landscape. The research will therefore be related to the museum’s work and have societal relevance in perspective to the present. It is Museum Odense’s ambition to establish itself as one of the country’s leading research cultural institutions with a research profile which is nationally and internationally renowned.

The museum’s research is focussed on H.C. Andersen and Forskningscentret CENTRUM – Museum Odense’s research centre for archaeology and history. CENTRUM works under the research programme, Urban Transformations, with a focus on early city development and urbanisation together with the transformations of the modern city.

Read more about Forskningscentret CENTRUM’s current research projects, associated researchers, new publications and activities Forskningscentret CENTRUM

The H.C. Andersen research takes place in close co-operation with the H.C. Andersen centre at the University of Southern Denmark. Read more about H.C. Andersen research

Research Committee

Museum Odense’s research committee will follow up and develop the research strategy, as well as help to ensure that the strategy is implemented in specific programs and projects. It is the committee’s ongoing task to discuss and contribute to maintaining the strategy’s main objectives during the period, as well as to provide advice in connection with projects, their financing and relation with other relevant partners.

Research committee members:

Jens Toftgaard, cultural heritage manager, Ph.D. in history (chairman)

Mads Runge, research centre manager, Ph.D. in archaeology

Mogens Bo Henriksen, museum curator, Ph.D. in archaeology

Camilla Schjerning, museum curator, Ph.D. in history

Ejnar Stig Askgaard, head curator, MA and Ph.D. scholar in Nordic literature

Sissel Bjerrum Fossat, museum curator, Ph.D. in history

External members:

Gitte Hansen, professor of Medieval Archaeology, University Museum of Bergen

Jacob Bøggild, professor mso, H.C. Andersen Centre, Institute for Cultural Sciences, University of Southern Denmark

Jeppe Nevers, professor mso, Centre for Maritime and Business History, Institute of History, University of Southern Denmark