A modern museum with music its central focus

The Carl Nielsen Museum is an experience full of contrasts, one where you meet the Funen composer who wrote both large-scale, temperamental symphonies and fine popular songs that encapsulated Danish culture and the Danish mentality. Denmark’s most famous composer came from humble beginnings on Funen and, through his music, became famous in the major concert halls of Copenhagen.


Both as a composer and an individual, Carl Nielsen always challenged existing borders. Carl Nielsen the composer refused to be labelled. He wrote music in every conceivable genre – symphonies, operas, music for plays, chamber music, choral works and songs – his forms of musical expression point in many different directions.

1/7-31/8 Mon. – Sun. 10-17
1/9-30/12 Tue. – Sun. 10-16
Open: 12/2, 1/4, 20/5 and 14/10 from 10-16
Closed: 24/12, 25/12 and 31/12


Adult…………………100 kr.
Children (0-17 y/old)……0 kr.


A ticket to H.C. Andersens’ House allows a 50 % discount on your ticket to the Carl Nielsen Museum within 30 days of visiting H.C. Andersen’s House.
OPENING HOURS 2024 - Carl Nielsen's Childhood Home
1/5-30/9 Tue. – Sun. 11-15
Open: 20/5  from 11-15


Adults…………………..30 kr.
Groups (min 20 pers.)…..25 kr.
Children (0-17 y/old)……0 kr.


A ticket to H.C. Andersens’ House allows a 50 % discount on your ticket to the Carl Nielsen Museum within 30 days of visiting H.C. Andersen’s House.
A ticket to the Carl Nielsen Museum includes access to Carl Nielsen’s Childhood Home.


Surprising and unpredictable

It is Carl Nielsen’s music that makes him something special, so naturally it is the music that is the point of departure for your experience when visiting the Carl Nielsen Museum. At the Nielsen Museum you will encounter his contrasting and wide-ranging musical universe in a way that renews the image of Carl Nilsen and his place in the world. The key to getting to know Carl Nielsen is precisely his music: the duality in the compositions that shows a composer with an understanding of both the complex and the simple. The contrasts between the calm and the wild, the playful and the methodical, the traditional and the modern. This is precisely the idea behind the Carl Nielsen Museum and the reason why he is more topical than ever.


At the museum you can explore Carl Nielsen’s musical world. Experience his musical awakening, his resistance to conventions, his times of crisis and the reconciliation he arrived at during his later years. The most important thing at the museum is the music. Every item at the exhibition communicates music and tells a story from the composer’s life. Sometimes you are to give some help yourself – lift, turn, press and open – in order to activate the music.


At the Carl Nielsen Museum we work with music as a universal language – it can be playful, passionate and curious. It can be difficult to pin down. Just as Carl Nielsen himself was. Explore Carl Nielsen in your own way and at your own tempo. Most of all, discover who the composer was. Follow the pulse of his music as the light that streams through the exhibition and leave the building full of the unexpected and with a new understanding of what Carl Nielsen’s music is able to do.


Take the music home with you

At the Carl Nielsen Museum you can take the music home with you. Visit the combined ticket and museum shop, where a selection of books about the composer and musical recordings of his works offer you the opportunity of getting to know him better.

Buy a season ticket for a whole year* and get a 10% discount on all your purchases.

*The season ticket gives you free admission to Museum Odense’s six museums for two adults as well as children under the age of 18.

Carl Nielsen’s Childhood Home

Also visit the composer’s childhood home, where you will get an exciting and stimulating experience of Carl Nielsen’s Funen childhood and youth.

You will not feel as if you are entering a museum, rather a home – Carl Nielsen’s home. With furniture you can sit in, and a smell of tobacco and of resin, applied to the bow of the violin.

Carl Nielsen’s early years in the heart of Funen were influenced by the folk music that flourished there. At the age of six, he started to play the violin, and when he was nine years old he composed his first polka. At the museum exhibition, you can learn a lot more about his childhood, family, life in the local area and, in particular, his music.

You can obtain much more information  here



If you have visited the Carl Nielsen Museum in Odense, you can use the same ticket to visit Carl Nielsen’s Childhood Home.

His childhood home lies approx. 15 km south of Odense (Odensevej 2A, 5792 Årslev)