Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen. Author, artist, and storyteller. World-famous for his fairy tales and his own life story of transformation from ugly duckling to an admired swan.

It all started in Odense April 2nd, 1805 in the small yellow corner house where Andersen was born. A century later in 1908 the iconic house was turned into a museum in honor of the famous author. Since then the museum has collected manuscripts, paper cuts, drawings and other artistic works together with artefacts from Andersen’s life. Today, Museum Odense possesses comprehensive collections that illustrate the richness of Andersen’s life and artistic production.

Here on the webpage, you can look into different collections and develop a richer understanding of the creative and imaginative world of Hans Christian Andersen.

Beneath the collections you will find some articles on the works of Andersen, the reception of these, together with historical episodes from Andersen’s life.

On the works of Hans Christian Andersen

Influence and reception of Andersen’s works